Yama Hime no Mi 03 English Sub UNC


Yama Hime no Mi 03 English Sub UNC

Japanese title: Kizuna

English title: Kizuna

Release: English sub

Adaptation: Manga by Sanbun Kyouden

Release date: 15 october 2010

Resource: AniDB

Production: Milky (MS Pictures)

Animation Studio: Schoolzone

Fansub Team: Erobeat


Yama Hime no Mi 03 English Sub UNC

Yama Hime no Mi 03The characters are mother, son (Kazuya) and an old guy. The latter somehow becomes the « master » of Kazuya’s mother. She is forced to have videotaped sex. Most of the time, she wears a blindfold to prevent anyone from discovering her identity. The son has no idea of ​​his mother’s activities. However, he finds a pornographic site with photos of his mother with a blindfold. Kazuya has no idea that these images are those of his little sexy mother, and comes close to the truth throughout the episode.

By accidentally visiting an adult site, Kazuya comes across photos of adulterous women, including those of her mother. Unbeknownst to her son in high school, night after night, his mother, a MILF, indulges in her hot and sexual fantasies. She is just a humble and ordinary housewife in everyone’s eyes. But during her little sexual adventures, she quickly becomes a depraved slut hungry for sex.

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