Soukan Yuugi 2 01 English Sub UNC


Soukan Yuugi 2 01 English Sub UNC

Japanese title: Soukan Yuugi 2

English title: Sexual Pursuit 2

Release: English sub

Adaptation: Visual novel by Black Rainbow

Release date: 11 september 2009

Resource: AniDB

Production: Digital Works

Animation Studios: Y.O.U.C.

Fansub Team: Kira-Hentai


Soukan Yuugi 2 01 English Sub UNC

Soukan Yuugi 2 01My name is Makoto. My father is always busy with his work. I do not remember my mother, because she died when I was a child. I now live with my older sister. One day, my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law suddenly joined us! Of course, I am happy. I masturbate every day like never before, but an accident happened to me.

I was involved in a road accident, and I ended up in the hospital. An old friend works there as a nurse. My friend is also hospitalized there. Oh, I’m going to use this game that I received from a strange seller. It is a video game that has special powers. It makes a strong sexual excitement to people who play it. Their game will quickly lead them to forbidden pleasures…

We have four people who end up in a hospital room, where they start playing a video game. Once the game has started, they are unable to leave the room, call for help, or stop the game. The game will end when the goal is reached, and each move forces the family to engage in increasingly erotic sexual activities. Starting with a simple massage, kissing until lesbian sex, and intercourse.

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