Renketsu Houshiki 01 English Sub


Renketsu Houshiki 01 English Sub

Japanese title: Hold

English title: Hold

Release: English sub

Adaptation: Manga by Karino Hasumi

Release date: 25 january 2008

Resource: AniDB

Production: Suzuki Mirano

Animation Studio: Suzuki Mirano

Fansub Team: HEroAP


Renketsu Houshiki 01 English Sub

Renketsu Houshiki 01Renketsu Houshiki is a 3-episode series with each episode having their own self-contained stories. It tells the story of siblings Keisuke and Misaki’s forbidden love. The father of Keisuke and Misaki has been diagnosed with cancer and before the unthinkable happens, Keisuke must inherit their family business and then marry the daughter of his father’s colleague. But Misaki doesn’t want her big brother Keisuke to get married and she wants him all to herself. Before the marriage arrangement arrives, Misaki visits Keisuke’s room and completely gives her body, mind, and soul to him and makes Keisuke forget about the marriage.

The entire episode is pure sibling lust of the two fucking non-stop all night. Keisuke and Misaki have been engaging in incest for many years, but with Keisuke’s plans to marry and take over his father’s business, Misaki grows desperate and tries to prevent the marriage from happening. In a seemingly endless night of pleasure and debauchery, Keisuke realizes that try as he might, his bond with Misaki is strong and it forces him to face the ultimate decision of moving on with his life as a married man or abandon all reason and take his little sister Misaki with him.

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