Kohakuiro no Hunter 02 English Sub

Kohakuiro no Hunter 02 English Sub

Kohakuiro no Hunter 02Title: Amber-Colored Hunter

Release Date: 26 february 2021

Adaptation: Manga by Katsura Yoshihiro

Release: English Sub

Production: PinkPineapple

Animation Studio: Seven

Resource: AniDB

Kohakuiro no Hunter 02 English Sub

In a very distant place, on a planet in this solar system, there is a unique mineral. The locals appropriated it as Nova Stone. It is coveted by civilizations as diverse as they are varied, for purposes sometimes dubious, but often rewarded. Erica Amber is a pious young elf working for charity. In her spare time, she becomes a mercenary assisting the militias on the ground. In order to eradicate the abominations begging for gemstones with still unknown properties.

The latest assault on the edge of his village ends up resurfacing from hidden and nightmarish moments of his early childhood. Not wanting her favorite protégé to suffer a similar fate, Erica decides to embark on a journey to the monster hunter guild. The Hunters, hoping to put her fighting skills to good use. Knowing that this may be a one-way trip and the only way to mourn her past, she comes to bid the young boy farewell.

Kohakuiro no Hunter is an interesting mix of sci-fi and medieval monster slaying that seems to focus on an elf and his desire to protect his hometown. It’s also pretty healthy because the only sex scene is consensual sex between the main characters who love each other. The art style is pretty good for the most part and the girls are well drawn, and the animation well done for the majority of the episode.

There is only one sex scene in the entire episode. This is only one girl despite the trailer announcing two girls. Then the sex scene is futanari and the boy gives her an oral, which is a lack for most people. There is also the odd choice of showing instant orgasm, which turns out to be a bit annoying as it looks like déjà vu and the girl moans in the exact same way.

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