Inyouchuu Etsu 01 English Sub UNC

Inyouchuu Etsu 01 English Sub UNC
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Inyouchuu Etsu 01 English Sub UNC

Inyouchuu Etsu 01Title: Inyouchuu Etsu

Release Date: 21 january 2011

Adaptation: Visual novel by Tinker Bell

Release: English Sub

Production: Milky (MS Pictures)

Animation Studio: Studio Fantasia

Resource: AniDB

Inyouchuu Etsu 01 English Sub UNC

Inyouchuu Etsu follows three friends, Mikoto, Takeru and Yamato, on their journey to become monster hunters. To do this, they must undergo tough training sessions in a mountain village. The three girls persevere, however, and eventually pass the training. They are called monster hunters! But their joy is short-lived, when something strange happens to Yamato. He begins to transform himself into a monster! Can Mikoto and Takeru save him? What can they do to help their friend? They’ll do anything to save him, but what does that mean for these two new monster hunters?

Inyouchuu Etsu follows some monster-hunting girls on their hentai adventure, featuring a boy-turned-monster. If you’re looking for tentacles, you’ve found them! When we say Mikoto and Takeru are willing to do anything to figure out what’s happening to Yamato’s body and help him, we mean literally anything. So you can prepare for intense tentacle scenes, bondage, and other BDSM elements, all wrapped up in a monster theme.