F-Force 02 English Sub UNC

F-Force 02 English Sub UNC

F-Force 02Title: F-Force / Asgaldh: The Distortion Testament

Release Date: 28 december 2001

Adaptation: Visual novel by Zone

Release: English Sub

Production: Discovery

Animation Studio: Mook Animation

Resource: MyAnimeList

Summary – F-Force 02 English Sub UNC

Ash, an adventurer who continues his journey as a monster hunter, defeats one of the Four Demon Kings and manages to save Alicia. Ash and his friends return to Tilling with Alicia, the town mayor’s daughter. But Amon, the second of the four heavenly kings, stands in their way. Ash and his friends are powerless against Amon’s flames, and once again Alicia is taken away. Realizing that he has been involved in an incident that will affect the fate of the continent, Ash decides to bring Alicia back no matter what and heads to Amon Castle with his friends.

Ash confronts Amon again, but the power difference is overwhelming and Ash collapses, injured. However, at that moment, Alicia’s chest was glowing, and Ash’s sword was also glowing, cutting Amon into pieces. Alicia’s secret that the demons are targeting is finally revealed. Ash and his group defeated Brigan, one of the Four Demon Kings, and were able to save Alicia. However, Amon, one of the four demon gods, attacked the city of Tilink. Amon, the demon god of fire, has enormous combat power. At the same time, Ash and his friends return, but they are helplessly chased away. And Alicia, whom they had taken the trouble to save, is taken away.

Promising at first glance, F-Force features a rushed storyline and satisfying development. Then, by the second episode, it turns into a disaster of confused feelings and random ecchi encounters. Beautiful character designs, not too exaggerated, and smooth animation prove the value of this hentai. The sex scenes are somewhat lousy and minimal, since they mostly consist of tentacles and demons fucking girls. The combat is pretty mediocre. A few repeated images here and there can become somewhat boring.