Angels Return in the Court 01 English Sub


Angels Return in the Court 01 English Sub

Angels Return in the Court 01Title: Angels Return in the Court

Release Date: 26 october 2001

Adaptation: Visual novel by Pinpai

Release: English Sub

Production: PinkPineapple

Animation Studio: P Core

Resource: MyAnimeList

Summary – Angels Return in the Court 01 English Sub

Akira Motora goes missing after saving Kozue from being raped by three young thugs in a park. The team searches for him in vain. Nao desperately tries to hold the team together as they play in the volleyball championship match. Nanase cannot play this game unless the coach can release her sexual desires. Akira Motora and his team or rather his harem go to a spa to train for the next volleyball match. This time, they had two new signings to bolster their efforts. They don’t know that they are lured into a trap set by the two beautiful new arrivals.

The Aota Academy girls’ volleyball team won the city championship. Their handsome trainer Motoura organized a great gift for his angels, a week of wild training at a spa resort. The girls are happy and the naughty hentai porn coach will train them well, in all directions. When they arrived, no hotel staff greeted them. The complex, located on top of a high hill, was old, dirty and habitable. The girls have a great time washing and relaxing in a hot springs hentai porn bath.

Angels Return in the Court is just softcore. You will not see any genitals, censorship requires. The plot is exactly like the prequel. Two new teammates have decided to participate in a very complex « training camp » to compete in the national volleyball championship. The animation and art style is similar to the previous series. For the period, it’s not bad and the girls looked their age. There were no 16 year olds with big breasts.