Angels in the Court 01 English Sub UNC


Angels in the Court 01 English Sub UNC

Angels in the Court 01Title: Angels in the Court

Release Date: 27 october 2000

Adaptation: Visual novel by Pinpai

Release: English Sub

Production: PinkPineapple

Animation Studio: P Core

Resource: MyAnimeList

Summary – Angels in the Court 01 English Sub UNC

Ou Motora is a former Japanese men’s national volleyball player. He is also a celebrity, single, independent, and employed at the fictional Aota Academy as the coach of the men’s volleyball team. When a member is kicked out for fighting, the group disbands. Leaving Motora to transfer to the girls team. The exchange being sullen and unwanted, with his reputation as a sportsman on the line, Motora swallows his pride and resumes their training. But it’s only afterward that he begins to develop feelings for them.

Leave it to the handsome coach Akira to make sure the members of the Aota Academy girls volleyball team. They learn excellent technique and ball control. In the first episode, volleyball ace Nanase joins the team. But she can only be motivated to play when the coach makes her “warm up”. Akira is beaten and sent to the hospital. How will the team be able to compete in the championship if Nanase can’t get in the mood to play? Find out in this fun and funny sexy adventure!

Angels in the Court is one of the best if not THE best representative of the golden age of hentai, the 90s. The character designs are varied, not like we usually see. We have common personalities and girls who look older than what modern anime fans are used to seeing nowadays (loli bodies and loli voices, even when they are over 18). We also have the comedy factor, an element that has long been lost in hentai. And which, when trying to implement it in more recent series, just doesn’t manage to fit the genre very well.